Web Inquiries

KSAPT will accept web inquiries from the public through its website,  Any information submitted is considered non-secure and special care should be taken to omit any personal information you wish to be kept private. It is the intent of KSAPT, its Members, Board Members, and sub-contractors to maintain complete annonimity should any HIPAA related information be received by a third-party through its website.  Web inquiries will be contacted as soon as we are available, however we may require additional information from you to assist you with your needs.

Web Content

This website is provided for public use with the intent of educating the masses on the needs and services that Play Therapists provide.  KSAPT will not allow the publishing of private or personal information without the expressed or written consent of the members name.  Professional services are not directly offered from, however we have members that work for, or own their own private practices.  Any information received from a third-party Web Inquiry will not be forwarded, transferred, submitted, or transmitted to a KSAPT Member without the expressed or written consent of the originating third-party.

Use of Information

The use of third-party names, business information, biographies, and other imagery for contracted or volunteer conference attendees, presenters, trainers, or speakers is often used on this website.  Any formal presentation of a third-parties information on the website is provided as a direct submission from the third-party or their agent, and should be considered original.  Any misrepresentation of this information should be reported to our Webmaster in a timely manner.