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The Association for Play Therapy offers a class to orient play therapists about leadership, the Policy Governance Model, and how APT conducts its business.  KSAPT members are welcome to enroll in the course to further develop their growth in the play therapy field.   For more information, visit APT. 

Academy Graduates

Take a peek at your fellow Kansas Play Therapists that have taken and graduated from this course: 


  • Beverly Benton

  • Elizabeth Bryant

  • Leslie Carr

  • Sherry Chapman

  • Rebeca Chow

  • Bridget Dixon

  • Mary Fry

  • Brijin Gardner

  • Richard Gaskill

  • Carmy Goodwin

  • Stephanie Holloway

  • Delia Lujano

  • Emily McNeill

  • Angie Moore

  • Lois Neace

  • Lori Peterson

  • Amanda Petrik-Gardner

  • Andrew Secor

  • Nickie Stevenson

  • Liz Wine

APT Excerpt

APT Excerpt

Source: https://www.a4pt.org/page/Leadership 



Academy Overview


Established in 2004, APT sponsors its Leadership Academy to orient play therapists about leadership attributes, the Policy Governance© Model, and how APT conducts its daily business.


Classes typically commence in January and conclude in June. The program consists of five mandatory assignments, including written responses and participation online.  

Successful completion of the Leadership Academy program requires 100% participation in each and every assignment by the deadlines indicated. All deadlines are “hard deadlines” to ensure that each class progresses as a single unit.


We welcome the enrollment of member and non-member mental health academics, practitioners, and students. 


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